Moradin The Maker, Smith of Creation, All Father, is also the Un-Maker. When he must march to war, he is served by his daughters and warmaidens, the three Valkar: Haela, Duerra, and Gunnra. In every dwarven temple to Moradin, there is a shrine to the three sisters. In every shrine to the sisters, the triune symbols are carved around Moradin’s Earth and Hammer: The Flying Hammers dividing the Heavens, The Great Axes spreading fire, and the Staff and Orb delving the mysterious watery depths.

Haela, goddess of the storm winds, laughing at the resulting destruction. Her flying hammers always return to her hands to lash out again.

Duerra, goddess of the blazing wildfire, ever marching forward, consuming all in her path.

Gunnra, goddess of mystical waters, drowning the armies who stand in her way.

The enmity of the three is mythic. Free-spirited Haela is perhaps the least frightening to non-dwarves, but the chosen race finds her anarchist nature disturbing. Bloodthirsty Duerra is appreciated for her discipline but little else. Enigmatic and Indifferent Gunnra is ineffable to the uninitiated. Only Moradin can control the three.

The clergy of the Cult of The Three are known as kaxanar, or Bloodmaidens. In actuality there are three cults with bitter rivalries, but these conflicts are kept “within the family” of the Moradin church. Gatherings of the three groups are always mediated by a strong priest of Moradin, lest the meeting devolves into bloodshed or even murder.

Many misfits worship one or even all of the Three, but few men are called by the goddesses into the priesthood. Female priests have eschewed the natural roles of women in family and society, but male priests are misfits among misfits and are easily recognized by their incongruous garb. Still, as servants to gods of war, the kaxanar are welcomed in times of strife.

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