Journal of Torund, Kaxanar of the Valkar

(translated from Dwarven)

Reddening 20

I have arrived in Delver’s Dale, Moradin be praised. The Novice Quarters are full at the moment. Vatar Mynard has offered me the stable to bed in for the week until I find employment. I have only seen two novices so far – the others must be in seclusion.

Reddening 21

No luck finding work. Vatar Mynard gave me some bread and water for cleaning the stables. The Three Sisters Shrine is in disrepair. Vatar Mynard says there is no money to restore it.

Reddening 24

Haela smiles on me. Some human lads were taunting a child. After chasing them off, I took the child home. Her mother kindly washed my wounds, blessings upon her. Her father is overseer at the mine. He has invited me to come by on Tuesday to see what openings are available.

Reddening 28

Praise Moradin, I have a job. I will have money to restore the shrine. Unfortunately, I will be working with the human mercenaries. They bathe infrequently and smell bad.

Scything 2

We are setting out tomorrow for Dun Eamon for some ironworks for the mines. It will take us 3 to 4 days to get there, and Master Jogend has said we will only spend a night in the town. Tis a shame – it would be nice to see a bit of Dun Eamon.

Scything 21

Haela hides her face. An unexpected rain started our second day, a bitter cold for Scything. One would think it was Frostig. We guards pulled the carts as much as the oxen!

We spent a full day camped at the gates. It seems some attacks had been made before our arrival. Moradin Preserve us, Haela defend us, that night was the worse I have ever spent. Howls and cries throughout the night, but no action.

It seems our order was not completed, so we waited another four days within the gates confined to barracks. So much for the fabled Ale of Dun Eamon – we were rationed a sickly brew called euphemistically “Mother’s Milk”.

To pass the time, the humans taught me a game called Fizbin. I still do not understand it. Every time I won, it seemed that I won little money, but every time I lost, I lost a lot of money. No clanborn chose to play, and the humans did not seem to enjoy the game either, even though they earned a day’s wage during the game – no mean feat against a chosen of Haela.

Fortunately, the trip back only took 5 days. Throughout the journey we were plagued with crows (or ravens?). No one slept well with the double watch, but Praise Moradin and His Daughters, we arrived safely back to Delver’s Dale.

Falkynjaeger 2

Moradin forgive me, I have not recorded my tale for 11 days. The double shifts have continued as the mine prepares to open. Master Jogend is completely silent as to what concerns him.

I have mentioned that I must spend First Day in the temple praying at the shrine. Vatar Mynard has given a Forebearence, claiming that the mine is the most important task facing the clanborn at this time.

Greeting 4

I was tested and worthy found. Praise to Haela, Duerra, and Gunnra. We have enemies of our people slain and their unholy meeting places destroyed. With the blessed Gift Eamon and the wary Samir, we cleansed the earth of the obscene Beggar King and his worm-spawn minions. Moradin be praised.

As you know, my companions Barouck and Uzi and I gave chase to the iniquitous Bargle to some circus of the ancients. Him farther pursuing, we found ourselves to the very heights of [[Koshtra Belorn, the World Mountain | Koshtra Belorn]] transported. I left their company, to my duties in the mines to return, but on my journey I was by the hated Storm Giants captured.

Months did I in their dungeon languish, by the living rock and Moradin’s grace nourished and sustained, until Gift Eamon and Samir arrived did, and they rescued me. Our numbers to few the giant tribe to slay, we thinned their warriors and returned to Grey Citadel of Dun Eamon, where our welcome most uncourteous was, and so, our trial not yet finished, to the beggar town Punjar, we attempted shelter, food, and rest to find.

On our journey, though short, we learned of a great evil in the Punjar at work. The Black Hand and the Dog Brotherhood had together with the Beggar King of Punjar, robbery and slavery to commit, banded. This terror to end, we marched to the wretched lair, a den of thieves and black magic, and we slew his minions, his lieutenants, and the abomination himself.

Unfortunately, we could not all the evil cleanse. The mad sorcerer Beggar King had a great summoning spell, a vast malevolent Shadow Worm to command, wrought. If this beast the black worm Stygoth joins, then will we many sorrows and sufferings have. Also, some villains escaped with the Countess of Harrowgrave.

We have the surviving captives to Dun Eamon escorted and have the blasphemous charnal house with fire extirpated. We now give chase to the highwaymen who hold the noble Countess.


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