Woe betide any who see Morinkara, she who strikes down the strongest warriors. To see her is certain death and torment in the pits of the Horned One.

Haelkar, Dunkar, and Nacha, the scrouge of Moridin, Furies of blood and destruction. Nothing lives where they walk – bird, beast, or man. Fire springs from their very footfalls, and the earth trembles in terror. They cut through the hordes as a mower through hay.

But should she take you unseen, then at ye shall know the blessings of Moradin, in his vast hall Under Mountain, feasting from his bountiful Trencher, drinking from his everflowing Cask, and brawling till Mithras comes to lead us in the final battle.

So nae look back – lest ye see Morinkara.

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