Moradin the Dagda

The Maker, the Dagda, the Bringer of Order and Righteousness, possessed a mighty hammer, so large he could smithy the world or smite whole armies with a blow. It was so large he needed a chariot to carry it in to battle, where it made bones spray like hailstones under horses’ hooves.

The mighty Moradin had a mighty appetite. In the middle of a battle to restore order to the land, The Dagda grew hungry. He decided to visit the rebel camps of Hell, as it was their sacred feast for the coming of winter.

In those days, it was the worst offense to refuse a host’s hospitality. The Lords of Hell sought to trick the Dagda into committing a crime. They made a pit as deep as a mountain was high and filled it overflowing with porridge. They sat at this bowl and gave Moradin a spoon so large two people could have fit inside. “Eat hearty,” said one. “To your health,” said another. And the Lords of Hell snickered.

The High King fed himself until he had scraped the pit clean. Alarmed, a lord said, “but you have left some porridge behind.”

The Dagda considered the pit, then began to spoon earth and gravel into his mouth without hesitation. “More Food,” he spoke, startling his hosts. They brought roasted beast after roasted beast until there were no steeds or beasts of burden left in the camp. They stared as he licked the bones dry.

“Thank you,” said the guest. And the lords of hell surrendered again, for they could no longer make war.

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yes, this one was stolen pretty much whole cloth from Irish legends—Firedrake

Moradin the Dagda

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