Lands of Neradia

1. Dun Eamon

Points of Interest: Lands of Neradia

3. Delvers Dale

4. Asgulan

5. Prism of Shadows

6. Winter’s Dark

7. Neradian Pantheon

Go Where Eagles Dare

We begin in the environs of Eamonvale, a broad valley shaped by the river Eamon that runs from the Stoneheart mountains to the Sea of Crossed Swords. At the headwaters, staunchly guarding the mountain passes is the Grey Citadel . At the sea is the riotous city of Asgulan. In between are a scattered keeps and castles defending small towns and much disputed territory. To the east and west are swaths of wilderness untamed since the time of the Dwarves when Dolgan was King Under the Mountain.

Society is feudal and survival oriented. Travel between such settlements is best done in groups and well armed. Villagers do not go outside the stockade at night. The dead are cremated and sent out to sea.

The warrior class is respected and needed to protect threatened farmlands and unsure trade routes. Clerics are revered. Wizards are feared. Rangers are well regarded. Thieves are hung. Settlements are precariously defended.

Peoples of Neradia

Men are the dominant race and form the majority of society. There are there are many races of Men: Dour Vanir, Pike wielding Gundermen, erudite Numidians, dusky Stygians and flamboyant Zingarans. Then there are the island natives of Pant’Tang, whose blood is said to have mingled with demons and whose elaborate tattoos describe such unions…

Dwarves are the most well respected of the non-human races, and they are treated with great respect for their senority and knowledge. Their culture revolves around duty and responsibility. They are very serious or else very drunk. They often smear their bodies in bear grease, for they like the musk. Other races are not so sure.

Elves are a very reclusive people, residing in deep forests with little formal contact with society.

While it is well-known that the Gnomes of Neradia make their homes in the woodlands and forests, few can truthfully say they’ve ever seen an actual gnome community. Whimsical but secretive—despite their seemingly good natures—gnomes rarely speak of their homes. Even when they do, their details rarely weather retellings, leading many to speculate that a great treasure, gate-ways to the fey court, or some other secret lies hidden. They always wear red hats.

Halflings are the unremarked fifth race, at once non-existant and ubiquitous. “Hobbits” as they like to be called are considered by some scholars to be the fathers of domestic civilization. They are well beloved of Demeter.

Half-Orcs are considered travesties of war.
Often referred to in very degrading and hateful terms, such as “Mul”, half-orcs are rarely welcome in any settlement, although they occasionally find a place in mercenary units and as such are able to hide behind a uniform.

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Major churches are that of Demeter: Goddess of the Hearth, Husbandry and Agriculture, and Mithras: God of Might and Fortitude. Rangers in the service of Daladon patrol the wilder paths as best they can, and occasional itinerant emissaries of the Paladine, known as the Order of the Eternal Flame attempt to do battle with the blackest threats to humanity.

The blackest threat to humanity is that of Danzig the Black Handed, Beastlord, Overlord of the Chaos Star.

Lands of Neradia

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