Halls of Crom

The Wanderer traveled to the Great Hall on World Mountain. Surprised, he found the high king alone on his throne, the hall empty. “Where is your court, mighty King?”

Old King Crom replied, “All are gone. My best warriors consumed by the Worm Spawn. My forge is silent, the greatest creations lay broken. This Winter lays heavy on my heart.”

And Daladon questioned, “But what of the others?”

The Brooding King replied, “I have sent them away, to bring suffering on the land. The final battle is still to come, and I must have worthy heroes.

“None have suffered as I have suffered, who spent 30 months impaled on the Mountain Top, who stared at the Sun till my eye burned out, who suffered the Wind and Snow until my toe and finger tips froze. I laugh at such things.

“In the lands of my youth are none who suffer, who are strong and hearty and worthy. They cringe in their caves, fearing the Beast. They hide behind their walls, cowering by her hearths, hoping to withstand the siege.

“For only with courage can men grow strong. And only in Suffering can men grow courageous.”

The Borderwalker stood in silence for a long time. “There is truth in what you say, high king. I, too, have known suffering, and it has made me stronger. Do not dispair! I have seen the brave people of the Eastern Wastes. They have no shelter from the Bitterest North, and they prove their courage every day.”

“I will send my Kara to see if what you say is true,” replied the king after a moment of thought. “Perhaps there is yet hope for us yet.”

Daladon’s quiet voice filled the empty hall, “And know ye, high king, not all have grown weak. His Brotherhood seeks glory and honor only granted to those who defeat the Beast. Her Champion’s cavaliers cleanse the land of corruption. And my soldier walk the borderlands. We know suffering.”

As mists enshrouded the mountain peak, the old king cackled and jeered, “And if I turn my eye that way, you shall know more.”

Crom remained brooding on his mountain. He cared not for the Winds and the Rains of the Winter Dark. He laughed at the struggle of Man and Beast. For he was Crom, alone on his mountain.

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Halls of Crom

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