Delvers Dale

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1. Delvers Dale

The small community of Delver’s Dale will crucible of our campaign. The town lies at the foot of the Stoneheart Mountains, where the River Eamon pours out of the Misty Canyon in a last mighty cataract. The town is guarded by King Brandoch Daha, the Black Eagle, who wrested its fortress from its beastial occupants some decades ago. Once the center of a thriving hub of dwarven mines, Delver’s Dale has fallen into disrepair and is beset on all sides. Subhuman swoop down from the western hills, dragonmen lurk in the eastern swamp, flocks of ravens infest in the mines, the Witch Queen and her consort the Black Knight roam the dark woods, and the Mad Wizard’s Tower overlooks it all shining in its unearthly light. It is up to our heroes to make right of all that has gone so wrong in the time since the Wars to End the Winter’s Dark.

In the Darkwald Forest of the Dale there are many dangers, but there is no organizing power in the wood. It is too close to the Dale.

Known savage tribes include the Lizardmen of the Great Swamp to the south, giants in the mountains threaten the Grey Citadel at Dun Eamon, and various degenerates in the hills to the west of the Scarp. West is Eamonvale and a society bound by feudal laws.

However, these new rumors of Beast at Balean Nakt, unthinkable during the reign of Brandoch, strike fear into the heart of the Dale.

Delver’s Dale sits on a naturally protected plateau above Diamond Lake. Outside the gates are some vegetable plots and some extensive apple orchards.

The Eamonvale, the valley of Delver’s Dale, is fairly large, about 40 miles from Scarp to Skull Point plateau and 60 miles from the town to the middle of the swamp. The Diamond Lake is a bent oval about 8 miles long and 3 miles at the widest point by 8 miles long. The valley is a major food producer for the citadels in the mountains, much to the profit of the King at Delver’s Dale.

Delvers Dale

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