Daladons Hunt for Rhiannon

Daladon, The Wanderer, made his way through the Wald. He spied the tracks of a great hind and carefully began to follow. For 30 days he followed the spur, over hills and through vales, until he no longer recognized the land. Still, he tracked his prize.

Ahead, by a stream, he saw the beautiful creature drinking deeply. Silently, he knocked his bow, preparing for the final chase. The deer turned its head and transformed into a dark hair woman. She said, “You do not smell of The Worm. Are you of human or dwarf?”

The startled Borderwalker approached this strangely beautiful creature. “I do not know what you speak. I protect the people and their forest. I walk the borders, finding food in winter, felling beasts when they come near. I serve none but the World, and so I serve all.”

The woman replied, “Ah, you are the Hero of Woodsmen. In my court they speak of you, Fey-Friend. They speak of how you defend the village but also the forest. They speak of how you patrol the Bitter Valley to ensure none escape.”

“Lady of the Wilds, I am honored to greet you,” said the Ranger as he quivered his arrow. “Lady of Streams, I did not recognize you. Had you not changed, I would have taken you back to feed the people. The People hunger, for the Beast has wasted their fields. Even the Fey speak of barren vines and brambles.”

“Tis true,” said the Fey Queen. “The Worm Spawn’s Winter bites bitter cold.”

“Perhaps we can make some Spring for a little while,” he replied.

The sky grew dark as she took his hands. “I lay a Geise on you – Neither you nor your followers may hunt the sacred hind or boar sow. Only the hart and boar may be yours, so that the forest may ever be full of life.”

And so he became “Lord Protector of the Forest”, the for a short while in a small place, the Winter was pushed back.

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Daladons Hunt for Rhiannon

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