Birth Of The World

translated from the Elven

When the earth was young and new
All that was was free and peace.
The Heavens lay on the Land
The Land embraced the Heavens.
The Sun basked the world wide
The Sea succored, encircling all.

There were no fields or flowers
No hart nor hind, no swan nor cob
There were no forests or trees
No lake nor river, no spring nor stream
There were no birds in the sky
There was no song in the air

And lo, the Mighty Oak did grow
From sprout to might giant, branches wide
Crown lifted Sky up and away
Tendrils pushed Mountains up and out
Trunk pressed Sun away and around
Roots drank Sea out and away

Where Earth did brace Mighty Daire,
Where Air did embrace Mighty Dru,
Where Fire did warm Mighty Bile,
Where Water did succor Beli Mawr,
Among the buttress, did three awaken
Growthing strong, birthing the Oak.

As they huddled, cradled in the crevices
They looked out and saw the World.
They saw the Winds scour the World
They saw the Rays burn the World
They saw the Rains abrade the World
They saw the Dust chafe the World

The Wild Rhiannon did say to her sisters,
“I will Nurture and grow its terrible beauty.”
The Maker Demorrigan did say to her sisters,
“I will Tame and make a greater beauty.”
The Worm Ouronin did say to her sister,
“I will Destroy and restore the old beauty.”

The three sisters fought for 30 days and 30 nights.
And none could overthrow the others.
But Mother Earth and Father Oak did groan,
And nearly split apart and in thrice.
The Worm did smile and laugh, and continue,
But Rhiannon and Demorrigan made a pact.

Demorrigan ate of Father Oak and split in Twain,
Saving Father, but never to be Whole again.
Moridan built his forge and smithed the world.
Demeter laid her city and mustered her armies.
Rhiannon looked on, weeping, and raised her armies.
The Worm turned, smiled, and spawned her armies.

. . . to be continued?

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Birth Of The World

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