Balean Nakt

Points of Interest: Lands of Neradia

1. Delvers Dale
  • Balean Nakt

It is said that the Monastery of Balean Nakt was once dedicated to Moradin and the Brewing of vast amounts of Beer. The Monks of Balean Nakt were held to be the Wisest of All and Indeed theirs was the responsibility to Crown Each New King of Khazak Vall (Delver’s Dale). But, long ago when the Winter’s Darkness was fast approaching, the Monks Failed at their mission. It so passed that the King in Waiting grew impatient and visited the Monastery himself and was never seen again. And so fell Balean Nakt, and its name was corrupted and its evil spread to all of Khazak Vall….

The remnants of an ancient dwarven monastery dedicated to Moradin which succumbed to the Winter’s Dark 1000 years ago. Now a dark cloud hovers above its perch on the Scarp overlooking the remote regions of the Darkwald of Delver’s Dale. Within the main hall of Balean Nakt is the Anvil of Moradin. There is also a place to put a key that grants access to the Vault:

The first room of the Vault is described thus:

On the wall opposite the door a circular dial-like mechanism made of iron showed four concentric circles, one nested within the next. The outer circle was about eight inches across. On the floor in the middle of the room a square stone plate one inch high and ten feet across bore a message in Dwarven:

“Welcome, my child, to the Vault of the Rings. It is here that you will pass through three trials to determine if you are fit to rule this grand kingdom. To succeed, you must unlock the vault itself, using an exacting proscribed method that you will discover as you meet challenge after challenge. Attempting to bypass the tests and reach the center by means other than the proscribed method, will result in a terrible punishment that will likely cost you your life. There is no need to wish you luck. A true monarch will have the strength, the knowledge of the land, and the spirit to reach the center without luck.”

Balean Nakt

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