Chaos Manifestations in Spellcasting

Magic is the use of raw chaos regardless if you are an arcane or divine caster. Chaos manifestation will occur when a daily or encounter power/ritual requires a d20 roll. On a natural “1” something bad happens.

Wrath of the Gods Chaos Manifestation Chart

(1) Demonic interference: Your prayer is answered, but not by your god… Roll on the Minor Wild Magic chart.

(2) Demonic corruption: Your prayer is corrupted by the Devils from the Nine Hells. Hurts heal, and healing hurts.

(3) Stinging rebuke: lose any remaining action points.

(4) Unearthly Vision: Your god chooses this time to grant you a prophetic but confusing unearthly vision. This leaves you DAZED for 1 round.

(5) Prove your devotion: A few more prayers are needed to finish casting the spell. You are SLOWED until the end of next round but you may finish casting your power on your next standard action.

(6) You have sinned against me: You have somehow angered your god, you must immediately kneel and are considered PRONE & RESTRAINED by faith until end of next turn.

(7) Your cause is unworthy: lose one healing surge.

(8) What will you sacrifice for this boon? Power actually works to its maximum but you take lvl/d6 damage.

(9) BLINDED by faith until end of next turn.

(10) You try my patience: Power not only fails, but you cannot use this power again until you Save.

(11) Marked by the Gods: -2 to your next attack roll.

(12-20) The gods ignore your insignificant request! No effect.

Arcane Chaos Manifestation Charts

Minor Wild Magic. (Level 1-5 powers) ROLL d30

(1) Unlucky: Roll on the Minor Chaos manifestation list

(2) Witchery: within 30 feet of you, milk curdles, wine goes sour, small plants wither, and food spoils. You lose one healing surge.

(3) Rupture: Your orifices begin to bleed profusely you take ONGOING 3 damage until you save.

(4) Poltergeist: Small rocks and debris in a burst 5 radius hover in the air and then fall down providing partial cover vs ranged attacks, -2.

(5) Howl of chaos: A cold and unnatural howling occurs in your square leaving you DAZED until next turn.

(6) Horripilation: Warpstone Fever. Develop a minor chaos mutation (white hair, fangs etc)

(7) Spew vermin: You belch and spew chaos-insectoids, worms and leechoids. No spellcasting or talking until end of next turn.

(8) Stench of chaos: A foul sulphuric smells spreads in the air around you (burst 1), -2 to all attack rolls until end of next turn.

(9) Haunted by Shadow: You are enveloped in DARKNESS burst 1 and ghostly voices until end of next turn.

(10) Chaos Addiction: SLOWED you must use cast the highest level spell you know next round.

(11) Aethyric Hit: Magical energy courses through you causing you to become exactly bloodied (may heal you if applicable).

(12) Dumbfounded: You channel too much magical energy and lose this power until end of next turn.

(13) Chaos Slam: The force of the aethyr knocks you PRONE ten feet in a random d4 direction. D6 damage if you strike anything.

14. Prismatic Blast 10; of dazzling colors and sulfuric odor as control of the spell is lost and it fizzles out. All are DAZED automatically.

(15-20) Chaos dares you to try again. No effect.

Major Wild Magic. (Level 6-15 powers) ROLL d30

(1) Blind fate: Roll on the CHAOS Magic list.

(2) Mino Fate: Roll on the MINOR Wild Magic list.

(3) Chaos Migraine: A surge of magical energy hammers through your mind. You are unable to do anything beyond at-will powers until end of next turn.

(4) Mental blow: You channel too much magical energy and lose this power until after the next extended rest.

(5) Intoxicated by with Power: DAZED until end of next turn.

(6) Cheated by Chaos. Next Attack must roll TWICE and use the lower result.

(7)Wyrdlight and Wyrdsounds: You glow with an eerie light and strange haunting sounds surround you until you save. Any creature seeing you will know that you are using raw chaos.

(8) Aethyric haze: The winds of magic fills your entire vision making you BLINDED with a seething eyebane until end of next turn.

(9) Daemonic deformity. You grow a temporary deformity (long tongue, tusks, serpent arm, gaunt/obese figure, bulging eyes, pulsating bulbous ears, beastman-feature, etc.) until your next extended rest. No combat effect.

(10) Burning head of chaos. A phantasmic, insanely laughing, flaming head shoots away from the caster. Close Burst 10 PUSH 3.

(11) Unnatural likeness. A random opponent seems to be a mocking resemblance of you. MARKED by that opponent until end of next turn.

(12) Flayed by Burning Irons Chaos. You suffer strange-looking flayings on a random part of your body. You suffer d6/spell level damage.

(13) Lifespark of chaos: A tiny daemonic creature from the Realm of chaos slips into a dark corner near you, granting flanking bonuses to all who attack you until end of next turn.

(14) Aethyric shock: The magical energy coursing through you causes you to lose an action point and one healing surge.

(15) Accidental Summoning: A Demon of the Spell’s level appears nearby.

(16-20) Even chaos takes a rest. No effect.

Chaos Magic (Level 16+ powers)

(1) Trick of fate: Roll on the Catastrophic Chaos manifestation list

(2) Silenced: Unable to use any powers until end of next turn.

(3) Overload: You are overwhelmed by magical energy and are SLOWED and PRONE until end of next turn.

(4) Craven beast familiar: A chaos creature of the spell’s level appears.

(5) Chaos foreseen: You get a glimpse of the Realm of Chaos and suffer Advanced Warpstone Fever.

(6). Aethyric attack: Magical energy burns though you, causing you to immediately become BLOODIED and lose half your healing surges.

(7) Enfeeblement: Chaos energy wracks your body, debilitating your constitution and warping your body. WEAKENED and -4 to all attacks until end of next turn.

(8) Mind numb: You channel too much magical energy. You lose this power for the remainder of the day.

(9) Daemon possession: You are DOMINATED by an EVIL until you save.

(10) Witch presence. You take on the features of a Demon (save with each extended rest). Any who see you will know you command raw chaos.

(11) Daemonic surface weather occurrence for 1/2 mile around you (save thrice per day). A comet appears.

(12-20) Thats eerie..nothing happened…no effect

Catastrophic Chaos

(1) Called to the void: You are sucked into the Realm of Chaos and are lost. Duration unknown.

(2) Dark inspiration: The GM may choose any result from this list or make up a comparable manifestation culled from the charts in Realms of Sorcery!

(3) The withering eye: Chaos energy wracks your body. You are HELPLESS and PRONE until you save.

(4) Tzeentch lash: Magic powers overwhelms you, knocking you unconscious and DYING until you save.

(5) Aethyric assault: The winds of magic lashes out at you. Lose all action points and all healing surges and become bloodied (may not raise HPs).

(6) Heretical vision: A Daemon prince shows you a vision of chaos from the wrecked gateway of the Old Ones. DM-decides effect.

(7) Mindeaten: Your ability to use this magic is burned out. You cannot use this particular power again until you level.

(8) You are PETRIFIED into a lump of warpstone.

(9) You opened a gate?!?! +2 EL chaos demons appear nearby.

(10) Daemonic contract: You suffer damage as a (d%) of your total maximum hit points as a rune of chaos burns into your flesh. At a random location. If you ever get 6 of these it will spell out a contract signing your soul over to chaos.

(11) Wild magic: You lose control of the magic as you cast your spell. Everyone within 90 feet of you suffer your most powerful DAILY power (negative effects only), including you.

(12) Material Cleansing. You are suddenly naked. All possessions is sucked into the Horrible Black Void.

(13-20) YOU.RE JUST DAMN LUCKY..FOR NOW..Gain two action points.


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