Points of Interest Lands of Neradia

1. Delvers Dale
  • Wayside Village

50 miles south of Delvers Dale, at a fork from the King’s Road which leads to a steep trail to The Grey Citadel, sits the large fortified village of Wayside. A haven for caravans, this village of 40 families boasts of many trades found only in a town or even a city.

The village sits in a depression between the First “Mountain” of the Stonehearts, which sits at the foot of Eamonvale, and the eastern wall of the valley. First Mountain shields the community from the evils of the Great Inland Swamp to the east.

Situated on a high moor, the only significant agriculture is cattle, sheep, and horse ranching. An aqueduct, which some believe was magically crafted, feeds the village with water for fountains and even running water in the homes of the wealthier residents.

There is some enmity between the people of Delvers Dale and Wayside, as the valley folk believe the village was too accommodating to the empire of the Winterdark. That said, the village is much closer than Delvers Dale to the Lake of Selahine and boasts an marvelous shrine to Rhiannon. It is rumored that the village elders consult regularly with the Lady of the Lake, though many in the valley believe this is just boasting.


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