The Grey Citadel

Grey Citadel is a grim place, astride the River Eamon, and the only pass along the Shoulder of Khoshtra Belorn. There is constant rain, a population of rugged porters, merchants, and dour dwarves who do not sing when they drink. But it is a place of law and strength in these times of Chaos.

The Grey Citadel of Dun Eamon is a bastion of defense, protecting the high valleys of Eamonvale from the terrors of the mountainous interior. Built of dark basalt stone, wet with mist and defended by dour warriors, the Grey Citadel squats astride the Eamon River at the very lip of the Falls of Rauros where the river flows out of the Stoneheart Mountains and tumbles into shadow. There is only one crossing of the broad and turbulent river, a broad ford between waterfalls. This ford is divided by a slab of bedrock that divides the river into two channels.

On this island many generations ago, Eamon Angus made his claim amidst the constant mist and rain. Now, centuries later, the tiny fort has grown into a heavily fortified citadel, ruled still by the Angus dynasty. Three brothers now rule:

  • Angus Arb the Eldest is King, and known to be Just.
  • Bron is the Captain of the Mist Watch.
  • Cael is High Priest of the Temple of Fortitude.

When the Dwarven Clans were driven from the World Mountain they made alliance with the Old King Angus. Now they work in this rainy city, but they miss their old halls, and the they do not sing as they drink their ale. These are a sad and broken people. Together they stand in vigilance against all manner of incursions from beyond.

The city is known for its fine forges and the quality of its metallurgy. A trading crossroads, the Citadel is a tolerant place, if not particularly jovial. Local customs include drinking strong ale and racing small boats on the River Eamon upstream of the City.

The Grey Citadel

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