Mines of Delvers Dale

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1. Delvers Dale
  • Mines of Delvers Dale

The mines of Delver’s Dale are fairly safe these days. Occasionally miners are molested by “Shadows of the Last War”. Once a Xorn moved and started eating the diamonds. The dwarves love to tell of how they got rid of that one. More frequent marauders come down the narrow defile that climbs up into the Stoneheart peaks. Occasional ogres and worse do wander down. A pair of giants is known to guard the pass and have been known to lob rocks off of high cliffs.

The mines of Delvers Dale were first dug by the minions of Danzig during the Winter’s Dark. When King Brandoch Daha claimed the Dale after the Spring Returning, he drove the goblins and whatnot from the fortress, but did not clear the mines immediately. Those festered for many years while Brandoch consolidated his fiefdom. Finally, a band of heroes came and swore to cleanse the mines of what evil remained. These heroes were led by the dwarf Novgorod Stonesplitter, who runs the mines to this day. His house is the most sumptuous in the Dale. Another member of the expedition was a young wizard, and little brother of the King, Caradoc Daha.

Mines of Delvers Dale

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