Lake of Selahine

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1. Delvers Dale
  • Lake of Selahine

A blue lake nestled in the foothills above the river Eamon in the center of the vale. This magical place of comfort and beauty is the home of Lady of the Lake.

Approaching the Lake:

The forest gloom gives way to a lofty open space. Ancient trees gird the area like massive pillars covered in moss and ribbed bark. The intertwining branches from these sentinel trees form a roof of cool green overhead. Gaps in the foliage admit shafts of golden light that dance and sparkle with every breath of wind.

At ground level, the air seems heady with the scents of moist earth and wildflower perfume. The ground underfoot feels soft and inviting. Clear paths covered with pale sand wind through stands of cool green ferns, beds of wildflowers, and banks of mossy rocks festooned with vines and fallen leaves. The paths open upon a small crystal lake.

Despite the tranquility of this area, no villages have every sprung up near it. The nearest village is Wayside, 10 miles away to the south.

Lake of Selahine

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