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    The Lands of Neradia surround Koshtra Belorn, the World Mountain, whose peak rises beyond the sky.
    Magic is an unruly force of Chaos, harnessed on occasion with scripture and ritual.
    For every Lord of Light there is his Dark Twin.
  • Ra and Baalzebub, Horned Lords: Mithras and Danzig, Lords of Death: Raven Queen and Orcus, Lords of the Sea: Mannadwyn and Dagon, Dragonlords: Paladine and Ouroboruo, Lords of Man: Daladon and Crom, Lords of Libraries: Toth-Amon and Vecna, Lords of Fate: Demeter and Bel, Dwarflords: Moradin and Ziggurd, Elflords: Rhiannon and Lolth, etc.
    The story of Neradian civilization is that of Empires’ rise and fall.
  • Elves of Aquilonia, Belornian Giants, Dwarves of Rockhome, The Winter’s Dark, Orcs of Ragesia, and now, the Brotherhood of the Free Cities of Mercy? Perhaps…
  • In the South Decadent cities crumble in sweltering heat, drowning in fleshpots, narcotics and intrigue. Chaos grows within.
  • In the North Warlords carve fiefdoms out of the howling wilderness and build high castle walls to keep out the beastial hordes of Chaos.
  • In the East The Elves recline in their Dreaming Cities amongst the trees.
  • In the West There lurks a wasteland of blasted rock, where no sane person would settled.
  • Stout hearts are needed!


Bard’s Tales



Exiled from Koshtra Belorn

Long ago the World Mountain belonged to Dwarves, for they had wrested it from the Giants above. They built cities of stone and conducted themselves with wisdom and foresight. They were friends with the mystic creatures of the vast primordial forests beyond the mountain, and the sun set upon harmony for eons untold. Then came the Worm. Now the days of the Dwarves’ glory are behind them. Once they created wonders whose like the world had never seen. Now they huddle in a few fortresses and human cities and wait for the world to end.

The day of the dwarf has gone, never to return. They remember the elder days and the glory of what once was mocks them. Perhaps the Worm known as Ouroboros was there at the beginning. Perhaps not. With her coming began the time of fire and fear and eons of warfare unheralded, for the Gates of Hell were opened and gods fought demons for supremacy. Dwarves and Elves and all the blessed races were caught in between, and ground down. The dwarflords were scattered, and the Elves retreated to their dreaming cities.

Finally, it came to pass that the son of the Worm, the Horned God Danzig, conquered the world and ruled it with his black left hand. A shadow passed across the sun. This was the Time of the Winter Dark. It felt like the end of time. It was to last a thousand years. Then the Winter Dark gave way to the Age of Heroes. The wielders of the Torch of the Burning Sky brought war to the Horned God’s armies in the name of Mithras, and in time they were defeated and it was left to the Race of Man to pick up the pieces of a broken world, which they called “Neradia”. Yet still oppression lingered. For a time the Torch of the Burning Sky gave license to the Armies of Ragesia to rule, but now that to is crumbled and the Free Peoples breath easier.

Yet still the Worm Ouroboruo feeds upon her tail and her children crawl forth from their cradles in the bowels of the earth.

Home Page

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