You rolled a natural 20! Deal full damage and roll the % dice.

D%: Critical Effects (Until End of Next Turn)

100: Knock Out: Unconscious

97-99 Head shot: Stunned

89-96 Gaping Wound: Bleeding for ongoing 5 damage

78-88 Sundered: -1 AC (until repaired)

72-77 Disarmed: Weakened

67-71 Crippling Leg Shot: Slowed

62-66 Bell Ringer: Dazed

57-61 Blood in the Eyes: Blinded (-5 attack)

49-56 Tripped Up: Prone

34-48 Hemmed In and Confused: Immobilized

01-33 Direct Hit: High Critical Damage is Brutal (re-roll 1’s)

You rolled a 1!

Roll a Saving Throw. If your roll is less than 10, grab the % dice.

D%: Fumble Effects

95-100 Wild Swing: Attack ally (roll randomly)

81-94 Hack your own leg: Minimum Damage to self

61-80 Trip and Fall: Fall Prone

41-60 Disarmed: Your weapon goes flying (1d8 direction; 1d4 distance)

31-40 Stumble: Move(1d8 direction; 1d4 distance) suffer Opportunity Attacks

01-30 Lowered guard: Grant Combat Advantage


Legacy of Brutality commonsd