Blessings Upon the Coronation of King Caradoc Daha

Blessings Upon The Coronation of King Caradoc Daha

Black Eagle of Delvers Dale

Sorcerer of Might and Magic

Scourge of Winter

Scholar of Light

Gentle Defender of the Meek

The multitudes rejoice!
The Black Eagle has announced
a Tournament of champions
Coinciding with the Crowning of the New King
of Delver’s Dale!
All Hail the King!

Come one come all to match Valor against the Virtue of Eamonvale and lands far and near!

Of manly disposition was the elder king,
Valour had he in the tumult;
Fleet thick-maned chargers
Were under the thigh of the illustrious youth;
A shield, light and broad,
Was on the slender swift flank,
A sword, blue and bright,
Golden spurs, and ermine.
It is not by me
That hatred shall be shown to thee;
I will do better towards thee,
To celebrate thee in poetic eulogy.
Sooner hadst thou gone to the bloody bier
Than to the nuptial feast;
Sooner hadst thou gone to be food for ravens
Than to the conflict of spears;
Thou beloved friend of Dale!
Wrong it is that he should be under ravens.
It is evident in what region
The elder son of Daha was killed.

And now the early leader,
The sun is ascending,
The sovereign from which emanates universal light.
In the heaven of the Dale of Caradoc.
Direful was the flight before the shaking
Of the shield in the direction of the victor;
Bright was the horn
In the hall of Eagles;
With pomp was he invited
To the feast of the intoxicating mead;
He drank the beverage of wine
At the meeting of the reapers;
He drank transparent wine,
With a daring purpose.
The reapers sing of war,
War with the shining wing;
The minstrels sang of war,
Of harnessed war,
Of winged war.
No shield was unexpanded
In the conflict of spears;
Of equal eye they fell
In the struggle of battle.
Unshaken in the tumult,
Without dishonour did he retaliate;
His will had to be conciliated
Ere became a green sward
The grave of Brandoch the great.
And so King Brandoch is justly Crowned.
May all rejoice and celebrate the ascension of the light

Blessings Upon the Coronation of King Caradoc Daha

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