Legacy of Brutality

Victory at Balean Nakt
Turning The Tide

The glinting eyes of winter wolves hostile to man ringed the bonfire set by the Heroes of Universal Platitude in the ruined courtyard of Balean Nakt. Unsettling as those eyes were, there was an understanding between the packleader Blackpelt and Iorweth, the Druid of Unquenchable Odor, and so the wolves kept other, worse apparitions at bay through the long starless night of Winter’s Finding. The companions rested fitfully within the hastily cleansed walls of the old monastery, recently occupied by the beastial worshippers of Dark Gods. The remains of those occupiers had been tossed in a heap before the front gates to be lit afire when morning came. Until then, the men of Delver’s Dale fought the shadows of fear from their minds and hoped no reinforcements would arrive.

Man vs Nature

For Twill, the dawn brought a rude awakening. He sighed at the ancient memory of his cocky and brash self of yesterday. How heady was the power of charisma! The feeling of control over that dark wizard had been a high point in his short life. But, what works in the spheres of Man may not work at all in the realm of Nature. The enraged Owl Bear seemed to not even hear his tunes; the a-rhythmic Gnolls cared little for his driving rhythms, and that disgusting blob… Yes, it was a dark dawn for Twill, flush with the knowledge of just how much of a naked city boy he is out here in the rough and tumble Vale of Eamon. His thoughts went out to his ever-wandering brother Arco Bell, the wild one. If anyone could, he would know how to influence these untamed intelligences. But, Twill reflected, the bardic craft only touches the civilized. Out here, I am a babe among…

A wolf circling the camp paused near the reflective Songspinner long enough to meet eyes, then continued it patrol, seeing nothing to fear. The Myrdonic Harmonizer began a low hum of its own accord, gently waking those of his companions that still slept.

Tales of Cedric (the lazy) - Of Two Ladies
From the minstrel tales of Cedric, Lord of the Forest

Cedric’s Journal- 17th day of Winter Finding – Year of Four Dragons

The tale as told by campfires and hearths of Eamonvale, a tale of one of their own:

Exhausted from their long march, Cedric and his companions trudged through the forest. Suddenly, before them, a radiant woman appeared. All but wild Iorweth were entranced by her beauty. The Cursed One approached her proclaiming false adoration, but his evil taint offended, and she smote their vision.

Like a wounded beast, The Druid lashed out against his own kind, this avatar of Rhiannon. But before nature’s might, all were helpless. And so humbled, she sent them on a quest. “Return my cauldron from that fowl witch Griznak the Corruptor, and I may return your Prince’s humanity.”

On that fateful day, Cedric knew his path. He pledged his heart to Daladon and Rhiannon, and he knew he would return to serve this Lady Of The Lake, to worship The Wild Woman as her servant. Oh, for shame to have one’s heart broken so early in life.

As all quests begin, this one began with a journey. In the night a mighty snow had fallen, a trial to test their devotion. The heroes marched up and across the valley, Cedric finding the quickest way but, nonetheless, a very hard, cold way. Their toes froze, and their fingers burned from ice, yet the hardy heroes continued.

To the Scarp, to the Scarp, they silently trudged. Cedric led them through the snows and dim stormy twilight. And at that Scarp, where days before they had witnessed such carnage and death, they sought how to ascend into the hell they knew waited above. They waited the night, not to slip on those treacherous stones in the dark, and the day came, clear, bright, and cold. The clean snow and brilliant sun hiding the evil so close by.

Up the cliffs they ascended, following a path only a goat or a ranger could see, they carefully made their way up the wind-blown path. They slipped on the icy stones, feet sliding off the narrow trail into the emptiness of a long fall and a sudden stop, but Cedric led them true. To the old dwarven ruins, the corrupted monastery, the home of that foul lady, Grisnac the Corruptor

Silently, Cedric crept through the rocks and trees, finding the lay of the land. Seeing that it was clear, Cedric signalled the attack. And a mighty attack, with swords, sorcery, and magical beasts, Cedric and his companions cut through the beastman garrison.

And so the band continued, through the halls of the old monastery, until they faced the vile Griznak and her hellish minions. And they slayed the beasts and Griznak herself, finding the cauldron, and prepared to return to the Lady of the Lake.

Roll Initiative!!!!!
Return to Battle!

And so the Platonic Companions of the Delver’s Dale rescued the Prince in Waiting.

Letter from Aphra Behn

This letter was delivered to the party by Lamdoman the Peddlar after the Battle of the Scarp. He had carried it from the Castle Daha with instructions to search out the Party of Platonic Delvers.

Dear Madame

May the multitudes rejoice! The Black Eagle has announced a spring tournament of champions to coincide with the crowning of the New King of Delver’s Dale! All Hail the King! Come one come all to match valor against the cream of Eamonvale and lands far and near!

Gygax Ascends
A Legend Passes Into Myth

Goodbye Gygax! There is now a new constellation in the skies of Neradia.

Curious Companions and poor workmanship

A fragment from Lemany the Sparkler’s journal.

Ranth Caskbane Wails
Putting the tears in the Temple of Tears

Drunk in the Temple of Tears
A Brutal Prequel

A Barbaric Murder Mystery in the Frozen Northlands

The Companions after the Fall of Bargle

Xan shows Twill another use for his Myrdonic Harmonizer: taking faded temporary pictures with a dragon scale that has been stirred to the subtle vibrations of light itself. Well, it shouldn’t surprise, Xan did say he liked shiny objects.

Out of curiosity the companions assembled, if for no other reason than to get Xan out of their heads about it. For a few moments, before it faded, an image frozen in time was emblazoned on the dragon’s yellowed scales and they saw something of their reflections.

left to right, back: Stephan D’Annunzio, Dyffyd Kinewatcher, Cedric (the lazy), Twil Bell; front: Iorweth Wolfsblood, Seeleid, the wolf called Dog, The Finch


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