Twill Bell

Bard: Songspinner of Last Breaths


Twill Bell at 4th level DnD 4

XP: 4750

STR 11, DEX 11, CON 10, INT 16, WIS 16 (17 – 1; bearing “The Mark of Hunter”), CHA 18

FORT 12, REF 13, WILL 16, INIT +2, SPEED 6


BARD FEATURES: +1 to all non-trained skills, Virtue of Cunning, Majestic Word, Word of Friendship, Song of Rest

BARD FEATS: Ritual Caster, Mystic Performer (Light & Ghost Sound cantrips)

FEATS: Jack-of-All Trades; and Multiclassing Feats: Arcane Initiate (wizard), Pact Initiate (warlock – fey pact),

Novice Power (warlock)

SKILLS: Acrobatics 5, Arcana 10, Athletics 5, Bluff 9, Diplomacy 11, Dungeoneering 8, Endurance 5, Heal 8, History

10, Insight 8, Intimidate 11, Nature 8, Perception 10, Religion 8, Streetwise 11

  • Vicious Mockery
  • Misdirected Mark
  • Thunderwave (via Wizard multiclass)
  • Dissonant Strain
  • Warlock multiclassing: Eldrich Blast, Eyebite, Dreadful Word
  • Stirring Shout
  • Inspire Competence
  • Make Whole
  • Tenser’s Floating Disk

EQUIPMENT: Leather Armor (+2), Myrdonic Harmonizer (1d4 + *), Bargle’s Twisted Knife, Voldor & Lema’s Healing

Brew (0), Lush Brew (1), Flask of Acid, Lute of Thunderous Harmony +1

Medallion of the Dale’s Defenders

GIFTS: to Xan: Citroen Gem


Twill awoke early and stretched to shake out the echoes of late revelling, but it was not with his usual catlike grace; something in him had slowed in the deep of night. Looking around in the predawn gloom, hidden meanings and interrelations revealed themselves like eager fans. His heart murmured in response, awakening with a hunger. Today was going to be different. He stood. A beautiful fey form hovered before him, shimmering. She reached out towards him. Twill felt a rush and knew in an instant what it offered: a connection to the subtlety and fury of sound through a soul-pact. It was as if a legend was materializing before him. These sorts of things didn’t just happen to the run-of-the-mill punk rocker on the run… Maybe destiny holds something more. The air flouresced. Harmonics appeared where once there had been silence. Twill’s lips tingled from the kiss of the incorporeal being. He swept up the Myrdonic Harmonizer and played a chord. There’s power in these notes. The sword he had worn these past adventures clattered to the ground; as did the bow and quiver of arrows. He scoffed at the indelicate instruments he once hid behind. He would need those no more. His song alone would do just fine. A fusion of the Clash and Tom Waits trailed in his wake as he stepped, slow motion, into the sunrise.

Twill Bell

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