Stephan D'Annunzio



STR 18, DEX 15, CON 19, INT 13, WIS 6, CHR 15

FORT +7, REF +3, WILL +1, INIT +2, SPD 30

AC 17, HP 50, ALIGN LE

FEATS: Dodge, Mobility, Power Attack, City Born, Cleave, Greater Cleave, Spring Attack

SKILLS: Speechcraft +6, Intimidate +9, Knowledge Local +6, Bluff +9

EQUIPMENT: Scale Mail, Great Sword (+8 to hit, 2d6 +6 dam), 2 Healing Potions, Philtre of Love, Southern Circle Swordbook, Ring (50gp), Horned Helm of the Beastlord , Ancient Crown of Beaten Gold (500gp)
Voldor recognizes the gold crown as the crude workmanship of the “Savage Kings” a freehold of Men who ruled not far south of Delver’s Dale during the depths of the Winter’s Dark.

4e Conversion


Human, Fighter

Fighter Talents: Two-handed Weapon Talent

Background: Scion of an Ancient Bloodline


Str 18, Con 19, Dex 15, Int 13, Wis 6, Cha 15.

AC: 19 Fort: 19 Reflex: 15 Will: 15

HP: 52 Bloodied: 26 Surges: 13 Surge Value: 13

TRAINED SKILLS Endurance, Streetwise, Intimidate, Athletics.

  • 1: Power Attack
  • 1: Potent Challenge
  • 2: Human Perseverance
  • 4: Blade Opportunist
  • 1, At-Will: Footwork Lure Hit: [W]+str and Shift 1 and Slide target into previous space (Martial Power)
  • 1, At-Will: Cleave
  • 1, At-Will: Reaping Strike
  • 1, Encounter: Passing Attack
  • 1, Daily: Harrier’s Ploy
  • 2, Utility: Defensive Stance
  • 3, Encounter: Dance of Steel

ITEMS Scale Armor, Greatsword, Horned Helm of the Beastlord , Potion of Healing(2), Elixir of Love


The D’Annunzio family has a long tradition of producing proud, sometimes prickly, warriors. The D’Annunzios carry many vendettas, which they seek to redress through duels and assassinations. Never landowners, the D’Annunzios have long served as mercenary fighters for various lords. But they have served with distinction and earned a reputation for viciousness in battle. Quick to fall in love, and out of love, the D’Annunzios have spawned a large complicated family filled with half-siblings and bastards. In appearance they are generally dark with piercing animalistic eyes. Although attractive they tend towards a disquieting reptilian cast. One rumor explains their distinctive appearance as the result of some illithid ancestor long past. Stephan D’Annunzio takes after his family. A young warrior, he is eager to earn a reputation for womanizing, dare-devilry, and lack of mercy. Although young, he is obsessively ambitious and never content. Like many of his ancestors he is a devotee of Mithras.

Stephan has recently acquired Horned Helm of the Beastlord as spoils of the Battle of the Scarp.

Stephan D'Annunzio

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