Lamdamon and Zappora

An itinerant peddlar and his daughter


Lamdamon and Zappora travel the lands of Neradia in an elaborately constructed “house wagon” drawn by a pair of Oxen. They bring sundries, luxury items, and news to far flung settlements in the Eamon Valley. Lamdoman is a middle aged man with an elaborately curled mustache that has gone pure white in recent years.

“Those ravens spooked by oxen pretty good -I didnt even see those Kenku asssasins in the bushes!”


Recently captured and sold to the Beasts of Balean Nakt. Rescued twice by the Solid Heroes of Platonic Love, Lamdoman and Zamora have risked themselves to bring supplies to the heroes while there mission requires them to pass yet more time in the frozen winter wilderness.

Lamdamon and Zappora

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