Lush Bell

A Monk of the Barrel


STR 15, DEX 16, CON 13, INT 11, WIS 15, CHA 10

ATTK +2, FORT +3, REF +6, WILL +5, INIT +2, SPD 30


FEATS: City Born, Dodge, Mobility

SKILLS: Acrobatics +4, Athletics +4, Awareness +4, Profession: Brewing Spirits +4

MONK ABILITIES: Flurry of Blows, Unarmed Strike, Stunning Attack, Evasion

EQUIPMENT: “Stir the Pot” LongStaff Shod in Bronze+1, Robes, Sling (1d4), Spirit Brewmaster 5000 (brews 4 curative draughts (2d6+Con) per day)


Lush grew up mean and ornery in his father’s inn, Bell’s Inn, and took a swift liking to the tavern’s bottles and babes. He was uninterested in family or friends and everyone who knew him came in time to write him off as a lost soul. His birth name, Lucius, was at this juncture appropriately shortened. Then, after a particularly strong binge of many weeks duration he awoke to find he no longer needed the drink to get tuned. He was permanently in the bliss of drunk, wrapped in the serenity of sober.

Before long his friends and family returned to him, but life was not all roses. Lush saw that few others had found such a sweet peace, and that their lives were troubled and wearisome. His heart burst at the sudden insight that he could take others the bliss of his world just by getting them drunk enough. To that end, he mastered the art of brewing spirits and become a favorite bartender at Bell’s Inn, as he was eager to give away free drinks from his experimental batches.

In the fall of one year, after another ripe round of festivals, he was “discovered” by the head brewer of the Drunken Fighter Academy and was made an honorary member on the spot. Lush soon began his training with the Acolytes of Bacchus – a humble branch of the DFA. Before the end of the year, he was named a Monk of the Barrel – the quickest induction to those ranks on record.

Lush spends most of his time brewing, training and getting people drunk. His preferred method of fighting is to do non-leathal damage to his foes so that they can live to drink together. After all, their liberation might be just a sip away.

Lush was inspired to adventure with Sir Trousdale with his four brothers Twil, Ian and Arco to bring renown to the family name; but the day before departure Arco headed into the wild on a lark and Ian said he was honor bound to finish something or other first and would “catch up later”. Twil was set on going anyway. So, bundling up his travel-brew kit, the Spirit Brewmaster 5000, Lush and his bardic bro joined step with the merry crew of Sir Trousdale’s retinue…

Lush Bell

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