Father Eftward

Leader of a small group of dwarven pilgrims seeking to reconsecrate Balean Nakt.


Optimistic, slim, and lacking any jewelry or affectation, Father Eftward is an odd dwarf. Eftward is a leader of men, but not into battle. In fact, he is a pacifist, a position that has kept him at the fringes of dwarven society. Eftward is driven by devotion to the spiritual well-being of his fellow creatures, and as such, is destined for sainthood if he does not get eaten first.

Eftward lead a small group of young dwarves and men to Balean Nakt this winter after the famed Heroes of Platonic Solitude liberated the ancient temple site from the foul influence of a band of beastmen ruled by a priestess of Danzig, Griznak the Gnoll. The pilgrims parlayed with Blackpelt the Great Wolf, and have managed to set up a small monastery in the ruins.

The pilgrims number about 12 souls.


Father Eftward

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