Dyffyd Kinewatcher

Former sheepherd, good with animals, realized was gifted with connection with Demeter


Human. Level: 3 HP: 30/30 XP: 7700

Str: 10 Dex: 9 Con: 14 Int: 12 Wis: 16 Cha: 14

Initiative: -1

Saves: Fort: +6 Reflex: 0 Will: +7

Feats: Extra Turning Spontaneous Casting Alertness

Skills: Concentration/Spellcraft: 5+2=7 Heal: 4+3=7 Knowledge(Nature): 1+2=3 Listen: 1+3=4 Spot: 3+3=6

Weapons: Heavy Mace Light Crossbow

Spells: Level 0: 5 Level 1: 4+1 Level 2: 3+1


Dyffyd is the seventh son born (and third still living) of Rafe Kinewatcher. He was raised on the family farm, and while the other sons grew strong and tall, he was always the small one. He loved tending the herds, and had a special fondness for helping to bring in the harvest at the end of the summer. He took the family motto to heart. “Save, share and serve”

He never slept easily. Especially during the harvest, after a long day of harvesting grain or slaughtering and preparing the animals for the cold winter, he would lie awake in his furs, thinking about the day, what could have done differently, how he could be as strong and powerful as his father and brothers.

The only thing that gave him solace was gazing at the portrait of Demeter, nestled in the ceremonial niche atop the blazing hearth. Gazing up at the portrait in dying emberlight, he felt consoled and strengthened.

His brothers scoffed at his love for the Old Gods, but traditions were strong in his house. His father often spoke of the farm as a ship upon the seas of grain.

One day, while the rest of his family was tending the harvest, he had a weak spell and went back to the house to rest. On his way back, he heard a quiet whimpering. One of the animals had been attacked by a wolf in the night and had stumbled behind a grove of low scrubby trees. It was still bleeding, and its hindquarters had been torn to shreds.

Desperate to help, Dyffyd ran toward the animal, touched its bleeding flank. He heard the sound of the loudest thunderclap, and fell back, the wind knocked out of him. When he gained his composure, he sat up, and looked to see a completely healed sheep. Only a few drops of blood smeared on the leaves told the story of what had really happened.

Of course, his family did not believe him. His brothers laughed at his tale, and said he should stop mooning over a stupid picture.

But when Daryn fell out of the tree and broke his back, it was an entirely different matter. Again he heard the thunder, again he fell back as if struck.

And this time, the eldest son was whole again. His mother suspected witchcraft. His father argued of lies. But it was the steely cold gaze of his brother that eventually drove him from his home completely, and out into the city, to the Grand Temple of Demeter, where he began his training to become a priest.

Dyffyd Kinewatcher

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