King Caradoc

Newly Crowned King of the Dale


The Old Bear has emerged from his hibernation with a new determination in his eye, a clarity in his soul.

From a youth of dissipation, Cardadoc is now every inch a king.

He has wandered long in the winter’s dark and now he returns tempered strong.

Caradoc stands tall with long soft hair and a haunted look about him after his recent ordeals.


For most of his life Caradoc Daha was the younger brother of King Brandoch Daha. Born in Aquilonia to another mother, Caradoc only travelled to Delver’s Dale years after Brandoch had conquered Black Eagle Castle. When he did arrive, he set about helping his brother with the governance of the Dale, and when his interest waned he took up with a band of adventurers who ranged far and wide, fighting bandits and scurrilous necromancers.

But Caradoc was never a fighting man in fact. He prefered the mystic arts of magic. And so eventually he settled in the Tower of The Eagle overlooking Thunder Falls where he could study in peace and be close to his family. He is well loved in the Dale for he often makes appearances at the Drunken Dwarf where he enthusiastically sings along with the bards.

Although something of a romantic, Caradoc never wed. Some said his heart was broken early that he could never love again while others said he was simply the dilettante he appeared to be and could never settle for just one love.

King Caradoc

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