Nefarious Wizard of Old Skull Point


Bargle is an arrogant and haughty character who enjoys stroking his lustrous black beard whilst gazing down his aquiline nose at lesser mortals. Despite his egomania and considerable power he has for unfathomable reasons created a lair under the very nose of Delver’s Dale. Here he commands his Kenku minions and pursues his own nefarious purposes.


Bargle was encountered in the catacombs beneath Old Skull Point. He seemed well nigh untouchable for his magic was strong. He toyed with the band of heroes and then made his escape.

Mere days later, Bargle double crossed not once but two times at once. He was attacked by the Beastmen of Balean Nakt and The Heroes of Platonic Love while attempting to sell slaves his Kenku servants had captured. Bargle was shot through the throat by an arrow from Twill Bell. He was then saved from certain death by Dyffyd Kinewatcher who took him into custody in the name of Demeter.


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