Aphra Behn

Herald of Lorchester


Aphra Behn is the Herald to the Dragonslayer, a hobbit he calls himself, not much taller than a child, but full of great confidence and broad smiles, he seems to read his master’s mind and often speaks with Trousdale’s authority; although you know he is sworn to his liege as is every man in camp, the cheerful fellow often seems to be more a trusted friend than servant. He is the steward of the camp, organizing, the day to day duties and chores with a diligence and cheerful enthusiasm that you is inevitably contagious. He seems never to run out of energy, always busy with some task, menial or glorious, whether is be mending a harness, demonstrating the correct technique for skipping a rock across the water, or reciting the lineage of the Aquilonian Kings, he approaches each task with relish and a sly wink. A large soul in a small body.


Aphra Behn

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