STR 13 DEX 14 CON 10 INT 17 WIS 9 CHR 15

FORT +0 REF +2 WILL +1

INIT +2 Spd. 30 FT. AC 15, HP 10,

Psionic Points: 3, Align. CE

SKILLS: Concentration +4, Awareness +3, Autohypnosis +3, Sense Motive +3, Gather Information +6

FEATS: Greater Psionic Endowment, Psionic Body, Weapon Proficiency – Great Sword

PSIONIC POWERS: Psionic Charm, Attraction, Empathy

EQUIPMENT: Studded Leather,

Great Sword +1 to hit, 2d6+2 Dam.


The D’Annunzio family has a long tradition of producing proud, sometimes prickly, warriors. The D’Annunzios carry many vendettas, which they seek to redress through duels and assassinations. Never landowners, the D’Annunzios have long served as mercenary fighters for various lords. But they have served with distinction and earned a reputation for viciousness in battle. Quick to fall in love, and out of love, the D’Annunzios have spawned a large complicated family filled with half-siblings and bastards. In appearance they are generally dark with piercing animalistic eyes. Although attractive they tend towards a disquieting reptilian cast. One rumor explains their distinctive appearance as the result of some illithid ancestor long past. Gabriel D’Annunzio, a sickly young man, grew up the least amongst his brothers. He has struggled to met the martial expectations of the D’Annunzio clan, whose oppressive competitive atmosphere has left him bitter and withdrawn. However, deep within the secret caverns of his reptilian mind he has discovered a strange power, the power to read the thoughts of those around him. The use of this power is always tinged with shame and a dangerous feeling of anonymity. The more he peers into the secret inner-worlds of those around him, the more he is haunted by paranoia.


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