Sir Trousdale of Lorchester

A venerable knight who once slew a dragon


An old knight in his 50’s, Sir Trousdale wears simply elegant finery and maintains his fierce mustachios with great attention. He is a man of quiet dignity and a lion’s heart. His eyes are often moist with emotion. His retinue of servants attend to his many needs, displaying his coat-of-arms, carrying his lance, arming him, and helping him onto and off of his horse.


An aging hero, the Old Knight stays drunk and mounted. Long ago he slew a dragon called Spitfire, and ever since he has worn its hide for his armor and proudly carried Culhglas Bolge, Which Pierces the Heart, a weapon of great power. Across the land, few have dared to test him and he is welcome in all just courts. But now his feet hurt, his bones ache and the former hero rarely dismounts, finding glory in the tourney lists, migrating from castle to castle, serving as a councilor to kings, and drinking prodigiously. He is still a very principled man and well loved, but a shadow of his former self, and he seems to be aging rapidly.

Sir Trousdale of Lorchester

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