Legacy of Brutality

Old Foes, Old Friends

The Orderly Brotherhood of Platonic Solidity chooses their own adventure


Now is the time to take stock and choose further adventures. What threats to the Dale remain? The wizard Bargle? Flocks of Kenku? Stygoth the Damned? Stephan D’Annunzio the Deathdealer? The Mountain King?

The Platonic Order of Solid Brotherhood decided to leave the Dale in order to confront the lingering menace of Bargle, and inadvertently crossed paths with the Deathdealer himself. Bloody battle ensued.

  • Meeting with King Caradoc. They speak of the Many Pillared Hall. Feasting with Lamdoman and speaking of routes and maps.
  • Interrogating the prisoner called Croaker, and the confrontation with the Kenku Flock.
  • A black tent in a forest glade. They speak of old betrayals, new intentions, and the fate of the dragon in the swamp.


Near death experiences ++ Alignment— Touched by Danzig ++

How I see the battle and the beaten human race. How I miss the taste of it, its sweet, warm embrace. How I see the worlds demise, its last and final gasp. How I see reality explode into another kind of life, yea!

I’m gonna stand at the top of the world and challenge the heavens! Gonna bring you God. Gonna bring you God. In the palm of the left hand black, yea, gonna bring you God.


Old Foes, Old Friends

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